Opinion: Empowering female entrepreneurs helps everyone

No economy can be expected to thrive without utilizing all of its resources; and women — one half of the workforce — are being severely under-utilized. According to the OECD, women in Canada are better educated than men, obtaining post-secondary academic degrees at a higher rate. Hillary Clinton, in a speech given at the World Bank Headquarters in 2011, said investing in women is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Indeed, the equal participation of women as entrepreneurs helps bring long-term economic growth, prosperity and social change.

NYFW Plays Nice

The estimated trillion-dollar cutthroat fashion industry showed a more compassionate side this past week, with Alice + Olivia debuting its “Be Nice or Leave” t-shirt-a haphazard fashion foreshadowing that welcomed Reshma Qureshi to designer Archana Kochhar’s runway. Qureshi is not your typical flawless blonde supermodel, nor is she the genetically blessed it-girl daughter of an 80s music legend. She is the daughter of a taxi driver. Her hair is dark and luscious and typical of her Indian heritage; and so is her story. In 2014, she was doused with acid by 3 attackers, and became one of 386 victims to survive the heinously violent endemic plaguing India that year, according to stopacidattacks.org. She lost her right eye and was left with scars and deformities, often causing people to avert their gaze in discomfort, plunging her into a state of isolation and depression.

These Canadian Retailers are Winning at Online Shopping

Can we really talk about Canadian e-commerce retailers without name-dropping Frank and Oak? Offering ground-breaking customer service-2 hour delivery, anyone?-as well as employing technologists on their team, this Mile-End duo is doing everything in house and everything right to give you the ultimate online and offline experience. Sale Scoop: Two for one sales, sign up discounts, deals in your inbox…Frank and Oak are begging to offer you a deal. Will you accept it? Still dying for the duds but

Spring Cleaning

The time is ripe to do as any environmentally-conscious Israeli fashionista would do: hit Tel Aviv’s second-hand circuit. The city is brimming with creative responses to last season’s closet castoffs. Here are five ways to sort the trash and the treasures and snag the best bargains along the way: Aderet, Tel Aviv’s central address for all things vintage is fittingly named after a garb that dates back to the Holy Temple. Ofira Oberweger, the founder and high priestess of used clothing opened th

Live, Love and Learn: Happy Jewish Mother's Day

This holds true in this generation more than ever with the prevalence of CEO mom, the 2.0 version of “Super Mom,” (sleep not included.) A well-deserved shout-out to Sheryl Sandberg, the prototype for this model, who proves it is possible to raise two children and rule the world simultaneously. My own mother knew this a generation earlier. She learnt it from her mother. They both worked in the field of education, not because they had to but because they wanted to. They believed that knowledge was power and they touched countless lives promoting that message, all before dinner time which they never missed and seldom, outsourced.

The Silence Around Sex in the Haredi World — and Its Unfortunate Consequences

If you don’t believe me, ask one of the many boys who have been robbed of their youth by trusted authority figures who molested them, or the girls who have been raped repeatedly and shamed into silence, or yet still, the young married couples who, because of an unfamiliarity with their own anatomies, have difficulty consummating their marriages . On second thought, perhaps they might not be able to tell you a thing because they lack the vocabulary to explain such matters; and even if they belong to the precious few who have a decent awareness of their own sexuality, their shame would guarantee their silence.

"We're Just Friends" Does Not Apply to Men and Women

Nora, through her ongoing artistic commentary on the romantic zeitgeist, succeeded in imparting lessons and igniting debates on the state of love and relationships. She shook our conceptions to the core and left us uncomfortably aware of how truly clueless we were about the opposite sex. The popularity of her works helped expand the ranks of the generation of 'relationship experts,' myself included. Norah's signature musings concerned the viability, or lack thereof, of male/female friendships. "Heartburn" and "When Harry Met Sally," arguably breakthrough works in the genre, concretised her views on these matters.

I see the sea, and the sea suites me

Just a stone's throw away from the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea lies Tel Aviv's best kept secret: The Sea Executive Suites. This 47-room property, recommended to me by a friend, is Israel's answer to the chic boutique hotel trend taking the industry by storm. The building's exterior is not particularly impressive. The unassuming white low-rise establishment is further subsumed by the bustling neighboring Tel Aviv boardwalk surrounding it. But past the heavy glass doors of 76 Herbert

Alcohol and sushi are a winning duo at DOMO, despite the hiccups... - Jerusalem Post | HighBeam Research

If there is a secret to being successful in the restaurant industry, Domo Sushi Bar owners and managers, Iris Arie and Khalil Mari have certainly uncovered it. Since opening nearly a month ago, Domo has established a regular clientele and promises a packed house nearly every night of the week-making reservations an absolute must! This immediate popularity comes as no surprise given the restaurant’s location on